Friday, August 31, 2012

This Month, I Learned…

It’s the last day of August! Checking my planner nights before, I just realized that this had been the busiest month so far. The way I see it, this month left me occupied with a lot of things both with my work life and my social life.  

Aside from birthday celebrations, I’ve reached my fifth month in the firm. There had been some untoward incidents this month but it did not happen without any reason. Those events enabled me to realize the kindness of strangers, being able to be a part of something worthwhile, temper management (and I believe I’m getting better one at a time with it) and getting some challenging but interesting tasks at work among others.

But apart from getting older and being challenged at the work that I do, I could sum up my August through words and some of these images:

Cancelled -- in five minutes!
I can really live simply and still be happy minus the unnecessary luxury.

They say the early bird catches the planner -- and cheaper at that!

Some things are worth the wait.

Fostered Friendships
Life is what happens when you're busy making plans. Just when I had made up my mind to see a specific person for a breather after a bad hair day, God thought of giving me someone else who might be the "right one for the job".

I can't believe the "ber" month is here again! I should think about bringing out the TREE!

(Photo credits: Image 3- Januver Tiamson)

(Book) Love is Sweeter the Second Time Around

My love affair with books started long before I discovered fondness with guys. Before I fell head over heels with those hunks and cuties in school (and at work), books had kept my mind occupied most of the time.

Now that I am a yuppie, it has been a practice for me to buy a gift for myself every payday as a reward for the hard work. Prior to being bitten by the Fifty Shades Mania and getting giddy over Christian Grey, I had been a fan of local authors. Among them was Vince Teves who made a name with his Vince’s Life series. I had seen some snippets of the book Vince’s Life through magazines but was not fortunate to read it.

When it’s third and final installment, Vince’s Life:The Wedding came out in 2010, I was lucky to have read it. Yes, I decided to give it a shot despite being unable to read the first two books (Vince’s Life and Vince’s Life the Next Chapter Getting Over Andrea respectively). It was one good book that it became among my favorites in my little library. However, the said book was borrowed by one of my former co-workers and was never returned. For quite some time, I really felt remorseful for that no-brainer decision of lending one of my prized possessions.

But second chances do exist! While I was bookstore hopping on my way home from the office today, I found out that National Bookstore were selling some titles published by Summit Books – and it included Vince’s Life the Next Chapter Getting Over Andrea and Vince’s Life:The Wedding. What made me more excited was it’s on sale at 50% off!

What a steal. Indeed I’m one happy bookworm in love! I’m already excited to flip through its pages again (and I promise not to lend them!). But I’ll have to postpone doing so until tomorrow afternoon or perhaps Sunday morning.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Just a quick post for tonight because it's another long weekend (another work-free Monday, Woot!). Let me share two things I've discovered this week.

Sorry for the blurry photo as I used my Nokia X2-01 because I kept losing my digicam's battery. Anyway, I've had this book How to Find Your One True Love by Catholic preacher Bo Sanchez in my little library for six years now. While it's been in my possession for that long, I really haven't deciphered much of it. Over the past week, I've been taking a few minutes each day to read a page or two. And well, it had to be 6 years in order for me to clearly get the lessons discussed in this book.

I've been a fan of those songs from the past -- including Stephen Bishop. Just yesterday, while listening to the radio, I heard this song, On and On which is among Bishop's originals and one of my favorites being sung by a band named Pido. I never heard of an OPM rendition of this song until yesterday and it's indeed music to my ears, I kept listening on it as of this writing. It's such a refreshing version to an old favorite.

That's going to be all for now. I'll resume with my the research/investigation I'm doing. I hope everyone's having a great weekend.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Week That Was

I'm currently enjoying the first round of a long weekend that started two days ago. But prior to that, I had to encounter some ups and downs, hits and misses. Considering the following events:

Monday, August 13
Just when I was expecting to begin my week right by coming to the office early, it did not go as planned. I reached the office 45 freaking minutes late. My first lesson for the week: Never ride the Crossing-Highway route going to the office ever again.

Tuesday, August 14
I was able to redeem myself. I was at the office by 6 am. Although I am still worrying a bit about salary deductions.

Wednesday, August 15
While it's payday, I had to have my first encounter with another side of law -- products liability. And I received a letter about being endorsed for a credit card -- fuss free. And knowing that almost freaked me out. Read the story here.

Thursday, August 16
I received an email about a seminar that I have long wanted to attend to. Sent a reply back to inquire about the details of the event and keeping my fingers crossed for a reply.

My mom turned 60. I was excited to come home with the birthday cake but my excitement was altered by disappointment and exhaustion because of the horrible traffic in Rizal. The end result? I was able to finish a bowl of pancit in one sitting.

Friday, August 17
The reply was fast. When I was just asking for details, I received a tentative slot reserved for me for the seminar.

I got myself Paulo Coelho Transformations Day Planner 2013 even if the new year is still four months to go. While I was ready to pay the price of 495 for the item, I was given a discount and got it at a lesser price.

And that phone? just before the night ended, I received an unexpected phone call. It caught me by surprise because someone took the time to call me and spend a few minutes of his time to chat with me about what happened the whole day even asked me if I needed anything -- despite that he had the option to send me an SMS. It has been such a long time since I received a call as that. It was time well spent and I appreciated the person's effort.

I still got one day of this long weekend and afterwards, I'll be Cinderella no more because I'll have to return to the real world. But before that, I am humming this song:

"You can thank your stars all you want but I'll always be the lucky one." :-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not All Surprises Are Exciting

I was discussing the subject of credit cards with my mom tonight when she told me that there is this letter from a bank addressed for me. She handed me an envelope and all the while I thought that it just contained supplementary information. I had been receiving SMS messages about the bank offering credit cards as additional service to their clients but I had always shrugged it off.

So imagine my disbelief when I tore open the envelope to find this:

At first I was like, okay,these are just forms to fill out. Nothing to worry about. But there was this disquiet within that tells me I am in for a surprise. And it's a surprise indeed because I found this:

Holy Cow! A credit card from American Express. I am supposed to be ecstatic because this is the first time I'd have one in my own name. But I didn't. Rather than ecstatic, I was discreetly freaking out in my head; especially when I read that the card is already active, ready to use and I would be receiving my account statement every 27th of the month. Fear immediately started creeping my nerves. The next thing I knew was I was calling the bank to immediately ask what this was all about since I was 100% sure I did not apply for a credit card.

I was about to push the panic button because I knew that while I have my own bank account, I don't want a credit card. I always tell people I'll be losing financial discipline if I do get one and I just don't want that to happen. My reasons for not wanting a credit card are plain simple: I don't earn such hefty salary and I know that I can live even without such kind of luxury (okay, aside from I hate the stress of dealing with having to pay penalties if ever I exceed the credit limit).

I spoke to one of their customer service agents named Kyle and apparently, I was endorsed by the bank's branch manager as I have an account with the bank. When I explained that I did not apply for it and I wanted to have the card cancelled ASAP, he obliged to process my request. And in all fairness, the process was quick. I was just placed on hold for three minutes (but not in consecutive order). I was given a reference number and was told to just destroy the card.

Call me crazy but I did not hesitate to do a decision at that instance. It's just that I knew what choice to make -- and it was to keep my life simple and not have a credit card at all.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

One Honest Note

Dear FlickerLight*,

It has been a week since I met you and it’s only now that I took time to sit and pen this note. I am doing this thinking that there are things of which I felt I was unable to say.  Life is what happens when you are busy making plans and seeing you was one big surprise. I was hoping to pay someone a visit to have a breather, but God knows how to play pranks because instead of meeting her, I just found myself accepting your invitation to hang out at that place I never paid much attention before. 

It has been so long since I spent time with someone outside of work discussing things that are not work-related. While I veered off from discussing what I do, except that I told you I work for a law firm, you just enlightened me with how your life was like in public service these days. For the longest time, I've had a skeptical view about politics. You just gave me a better understanding about that – something levelheaded. The main reason why I was asking how old will we be in 6 years  that was because I was asking myself if I will still be living in this municipality and if I will still be bearing the same surname by then. A lot might happen in 6 years. Who knows, I might need to register again to enjoy my right to suffrage.

Since my time has been devoted between two things – home and the office this kind of talk is somewhat scarce. It was fun talking to you about everything and anything under the sun,  While some of your questions surprised me, you need not worry about it. Topics concerning that “chapter of the book” do not bother me anymore. If there is one thing that stunned me and stuns me until now, it was when you asked me if I am not closing my doors to falling for someone and entering a new relationship. While I want to ask you why, I’d be giving you an honest answer instead. I knew three and a half years has been a long but good time and I don’t see any problem entertaining someone who will come along. I regard your courage when you pointed out that you observed me as “idealistic” on some aspects of my life. Not everyone has the nerve to tell that straight on my face. Your point just made me reconsider things and rehash those parts of myself especially when it comes to the subject of relationships. 

I appreciate the way you asked about how my family is doing. Indeed you’re a personable man. I like that surprised look on your face when you found out that JGL was my cousin when I thought you already had an idea. While I realized that you found it amusing because I belong to a semi-traditional, extended family, I regard your honesty for letting me know about the kind of family you have. I understood the circumstance, but there was one thing I forgot to tell you – I knew it but I will not judge (you) based on your confession – you can count on that. 

I hope we get to engage in this kind of talk again sometime in the near future. Accept my apology if this is somewhat time consuming but with all due respect sir, I am just being honest. I would like to know you more as I myself also have a lot of questions to ask you about. 


*- name changed

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Meaning of Being Human

Finally after some days, the sun had showed up this morning. And I was able to go to work. An hour into the workday, there was a ping from my inbox -- it was an email from my boss in Australia. To which I quote:

I have been reading about the terrible flooding you are experiencing in Manila. I appreciate your efforts at still coming in to work and I hope you are spared the worst of it.

Also, if the flooding makes it hard or impossible to come in to work, don't worry, I understand. You can't control the weather! 

The last sentence made me laugh. Yes, my boss really has a great amount of humor. But I was touched by his kindness. Despite the hectic schedule at times, this is one big reason why I enjoy my job and I am thankful for-- I have kind colleagues despite that I'm here and they are overseas. Aside from my boss, one of the lawyers also sent me an email to ask how I was as well as my family. I was unable to go to work yesterday. While it sounded favorable on my part given that my mom was also sick and I wanted to look after her, I was also concerned about having to miss work knowing that there are a lot of things to do. You see, I've never missed a workday because even if I'm sick I still push myself to be in the office. But this time, there really was no other way but to go back home. So I was really praying for a good weather for today, kidding that I can't afford another day's worth of deduction from my salary (Jokes are half meant, you know!).

Thankfully, the situation had started to improve from where I am. And for sure everything will soon be all right in the world.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Note on Gratitude

Dear God,

While it has been a crazy week for me, I'd like to believe that You had a few plans rolled up at this time that I least expected it. I badly wanted to bury my face in my pillows for some nights to give myself a good, hard, well-deserved sobs because the last three days of my workweek had been stressful. But I suppose you really knew me so well than anyone else.

I'm still dumbfounded and in a little disbelief over the surprise you've prepared for me in time for TGIF. They say life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans and You just showed me that. I'd like to think You made up for those three stressful days as the bliss has not  left me yet.

In a way, Your "little miracle" did change something. The past few months, I had been crying myself to sleep on weekend nights and I know You can see that and knew the reason behind those tears as well. But this week it never happened surprisingly. Then today is another feat for it's my fifth month at the job that you had blessed me with; and on this day you let me meet one of those people I admire.

Yes, I am happy. I still am. I know this happiness could fade too eventually but then I would like You to know I am thankful of everything.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Element Called 5th

Photo: Google Images

It was on that day of the 11th month when I was born.
It's the day (of the 3rd month) when I started my present job at the law firm.
So far, it will be the total number of months that I've been in my job (by tomorrow).
It was often the slot/place that I win in competitions when I was a student.
It was the duration of my first (but hopefully not my last) relationship.
It's the number of people in love with me at the moment. Well, that's according to Facebook.

But for me, it's that time on the clock when wonderful, unexpected things happen.