Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Note on Gratitude

Dear God,

While it has been a crazy week for me, I'd like to believe that You had a few plans rolled up at this time that I least expected it. I badly wanted to bury my face in my pillows for some nights to give myself a good, hard, well-deserved sobs because the last three days of my workweek had been stressful. But I suppose you really knew me so well than anyone else.

I'm still dumbfounded and in a little disbelief over the surprise you've prepared for me in time for TGIF. They say life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans and You just showed me that. I'd like to think You made up for those three stressful days as the bliss has not  left me yet.

In a way, Your "little miracle" did change something. The past few months, I had been crying myself to sleep on weekend nights and I know You can see that and knew the reason behind those tears as well. But this week it never happened surprisingly. Then today is another feat for it's my fifth month at the job that you had blessed me with; and on this day you let me meet one of those people I admire.

Yes, I am happy. I still am. I know this happiness could fade too eventually but then I would like You to know I am thankful of everything.

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