Saturday, August 11, 2012

One Honest Note

Dear FlickerLight*,

It has been a week since I met you and it’s only now that I took time to sit and pen this note. I am doing this thinking that there are things of which I felt I was unable to say.  Life is what happens when you are busy making plans and seeing you was one big surprise. I was hoping to pay someone a visit to have a breather, but God knows how to play pranks because instead of meeting her, I just found myself accepting your invitation to hang out at that place I never paid much attention before. 

It has been so long since I spent time with someone outside of work discussing things that are not work-related. While I veered off from discussing what I do, except that I told you I work for a law firm, you just enlightened me with how your life was like in public service these days. For the longest time, I've had a skeptical view about politics. You just gave me a better understanding about that – something levelheaded. The main reason why I was asking how old will we be in 6 years  that was because I was asking myself if I will still be living in this municipality and if I will still be bearing the same surname by then. A lot might happen in 6 years. Who knows, I might need to register again to enjoy my right to suffrage.

Since my time has been devoted between two things – home and the office this kind of talk is somewhat scarce. It was fun talking to you about everything and anything under the sun,  While some of your questions surprised me, you need not worry about it. Topics concerning that “chapter of the book” do not bother me anymore. If there is one thing that stunned me and stuns me until now, it was when you asked me if I am not closing my doors to falling for someone and entering a new relationship. While I want to ask you why, I’d be giving you an honest answer instead. I knew three and a half years has been a long but good time and I don’t see any problem entertaining someone who will come along. I regard your courage when you pointed out that you observed me as “idealistic” on some aspects of my life. Not everyone has the nerve to tell that straight on my face. Your point just made me reconsider things and rehash those parts of myself especially when it comes to the subject of relationships. 

I appreciate the way you asked about how my family is doing. Indeed you’re a personable man. I like that surprised look on your face when you found out that JGL was my cousin when I thought you already had an idea. While I realized that you found it amusing because I belong to a semi-traditional, extended family, I regard your honesty for letting me know about the kind of family you have. I understood the circumstance, but there was one thing I forgot to tell you – I knew it but I will not judge (you) based on your confession – you can count on that. 

I hope we get to engage in this kind of talk again sometime in the near future. Accept my apology if this is somewhat time consuming but with all due respect sir, I am just being honest. I would like to know you more as I myself also have a lot of questions to ask you about. 


*- name changed

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