Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Meaning of Being Human

Finally after some days, the sun had showed up this morning. And I was able to go to work. An hour into the workday, there was a ping from my inbox -- it was an email from my boss in Australia. To which I quote:

I have been reading about the terrible flooding you are experiencing in Manila. I appreciate your efforts at still coming in to work and I hope you are spared the worst of it.

Also, if the flooding makes it hard or impossible to come in to work, don't worry, I understand. You can't control the weather! 

The last sentence made me laugh. Yes, my boss really has a great amount of humor. But I was touched by his kindness. Despite the hectic schedule at times, this is one big reason why I enjoy my job and I am thankful for-- I have kind colleagues despite that I'm here and they are overseas. Aside from my boss, one of the lawyers also sent me an email to ask how I was as well as my family. I was unable to go to work yesterday. While it sounded favorable on my part given that my mom was also sick and I wanted to look after her, I was also concerned about having to miss work knowing that there are a lot of things to do. You see, I've never missed a workday because even if I'm sick I still push myself to be in the office. But this time, there really was no other way but to go back home. So I was really praying for a good weather for today, kidding that I can't afford another day's worth of deduction from my salary (Jokes are half meant, you know!).

Thankfully, the situation had started to improve from where I am. And for sure everything will soon be all right in the world.

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