Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Poem of Advice for my (Future) Son

Someday I'll be a mother
I shall tell my little boy
That the world is full of laughter
And he has filled my life with joy.

I'll teach him to chase the sunrise
On each day that God would give
And to wish upon the stars each night
As I tuck him off to sleep.

When he is old enough, I'd let him know
Life has ups and downs, soon it will show
Your test in school becomes real in life
Learn to fight and you will survive.

Go find a girl, treat her right
But don't dwell too much with love at first sight
Use your arms to comfort and hug her tight
But never use them to hit her when you fight.

Cherish your wife profoundly, make your heart her home
Profess your love sincerely and to her alone
Saying sorry when wrong will not do you harm
Doing so won't either make you less of a man.

You'd win or lose with each game
But worry not for the day that arrives is not the same
And one thing more, don't forget to utter a prayer
It always helps to make things better.

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