Friday, September 28, 2012

My Life So Far....

...had been going through some necessary change.

It is not the drastic kind however. I was asked by my boss a couple of weeks ago if I could perform additional tasks in the office. Realizing the urgent need, and given the fact that I've done the task previously in a different account, I decided to jump in.

I started with the task last Monday and it will be until the second Monday of October.  so far I've learned new skills -- from attending to concerns over the phone and creating appointments between lawyers and clients. There was an instance that I almost screwed plotting a meeting but I was able to perform the needed damage control. If there is another good thing about the activities I am handling these days, it's the fact that my boss has enough patience in teaching me the how to's of things (especially with the ones that I'm not quite familiar of) despite his busy schedule.

My colleagues overseas were most helpful. One of the lawyers had given me clues on who to give what on the first day which indeed made my task easy. And they aren't that hesitant to give a pat in the back sending emails even commenting on a job well done once in a while.

If there are funny changes this "paradigm shift" has brought me, it's learning how to finish a sandwich in three minutes (the last time I did that was during my days as editorial assistant), wearing my nightrobe as early as 6:30 pm and crawling beneath the sheets at 7:30 pm.

I know this assignment is just temporary. My sacrifice will surely pay off, and I'll be on a long weekend until Monday.

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