Sunday, September 16, 2012

There Will Always Be One Guy

-Who will view your being lonesome as independence;
-Who will not mind the way you look regardless if you don't have your make-up on.
-One knows it is you walking down the street even from the farthest distance;

-Who will be brave to lay his cards despite the possibility of an impending judgement.
-Who will compliment your hairstyle, not because it was a product of a break up but because it suits you.

There will always be one guy...

-Who will go the extra mile for you; even if he could prefer the easiest, simplest way which is of his convenience.
-Who will regard you with the way you use stock knowledge.

-Who knows how to use "good morning" in making your whole day REALLY bright and wonderful.
-Whose voice and laughter is like a song you would love to play in your heart and in your head over and over again.

Who can describe love in four, powerful words -- IT IS A GIFT.

And there will come a time, that you will find yourself including this one particular guy in your prayer -- that he be spared from hurt and the evil perils of the world; that he will always be safe and guided by the Light.

But mostly, that this guy would always be happy and that he would eventually have your heart.

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