Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It Has Been 10 Years

I was about to hit the sack when I realized about something related to this day. And so, before I went to say my night prayers, I decided going through one of my old journals. From there, I found an entry written on this same day, October 3 in 2007 and found the event.
Today marks the 10th year since my college school mate, C passed away. She was just 20 then and I was only17. She died in a motorcycle accident and her untimely demise was the reason why I had always been scared of riding motorcycles. Yes, I tried back riding with a friend in my sophomore year but together with that experience was the fear and the memory of what happened to her, despite of the fact that I was not there. So I never dared to ride motorcycles again.

But aside from that, if there was one big lesson C's death had thought me, it's about seizing the day. The incident enlightened me when I was going through a hard time discerning whether I should be "more than just a friend" to someone. While it caught me in disbelief and sadness and wondered why C had to die in the verge of youth, it prompted me to recognize that I should not put any day or any opportunity to waste. Such thing caused me to realize that if the inevitable were to happen to a person without me saying or doing what I should say or do, chances are I would be spending my lifetime in regret.

A lot of things had happened within the 10 years. I went to places, graduated, made and screwed up decisions and shifted careers. I did not end up with the person I thought was The One but there is a season for everything. And if there's one lesson I learned to be true out of this ordeal, it would be this:
"Life is about chances and opportunities. We are only given today and never promised with tomorrow."

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