Saturday, October 13, 2012

Preparing the Panic Button

I told myself I won't think too much until the calendar says it's going to be in 20 days. There's something bound to happen 22 days from now and few weeks ago, I made a list of things to do. Some are meaningful, the others necessary.

I think I listed 10. And out of those ten things, I still have 6 left undone. I was up to finish them but because I was given with an assignment by my boss three weeks ago (which might be extended, given that my boss seems to be impressed with how I am currently doing), fulfilling the plans needed to take a backseat while some things in the agenda needed to be placed in a different slot. Case in point, I had been attending novenas daily for three weeks but because I had to to temporarily fill in for someone's job description, had to move my lunch hour which also meant that I would have to do something to compensate missing the novena masses.

Thankfully, I get to find a lot of time to spend quiet moments in prayer after work just before I head home.

The 20-day thought is in two days. I have 6 things left to do in my list and while the thought of leaving things undone had entered my mind, I just don't want to give up that I'd be able to finish them just in time for the big day .

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