Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Love with Dorothy

But before you think of anything, I'm actually talking about the clothing brand, Dorothy Perkins. 

They do have a branch just three minutes away from my office and en route to work one morning, I found this dress on display and absolutely fell in love with it -- as in immediately!

I only found the time to ask about this dress last Thursday. What they currently have was the same dress in red violet. When it came to the size, I (sort of) found it disappointing because they have the Size 8 -- and it's already their smallest size for this dress. I'm just size 4 (but Beth said she think's I'm either a size 2 or size 0).

The lady suggested another dress which she thinks would fit me (and I might like). That dress was this:

This was the exact same color they have at the store. When the lady showed it to me, I knew it would fit me well but the style was so sophisticated that I doubt  about getting it. Social functions that I attend to could be counted with my fingers so I won't really use this much. Besides, I was madly (as in head over heals) aiming for the blue lace dress (and I don't know what hit me to love it like that). It's just that the size aren't amendable with me (and my budget -- for now :-p).

Oh well, as much as I love the dress, if it's not really meant for me I can't do anything with it. But then, for sure, there must be something better out there that would fit me -- perfectly. 

Blue lace dress and wine lampshade dress images from Dorothy Perkins website.

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