Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sneak Peak: Paulo Coelho Transformations 2013 Planner

A few hours ago, I got a comment from a reader (who decided to remain anonymous)  after reading this entry requesting if I could post photos of the inside pages of the 2013 Transformations Planner.

So I did some random shots this afternoon as well.

January- Waking Up

March- Experience

Pages containing the month features an artwork by internationally- renowned illustrator Catalina Estrada.

July- Sharing

June- Surrender

November- Possibility

Each month features a theme.12 different themes for the whole year.

The pages of the planner is made of quality paper, you would want write in a legible penmanship to make the most out of it.

Each page contains quotes from his books too.

The planner is available at bookstores.But  I got mine from National Bookstore after comparing the prices with another bookstore (I realized the other one sells the same planner 100 pesos higher than that in National). The best part was I got to avail of a discount when I purchased one in September.

I guess that's one good perk of being an early bird. :-)


Anonymous said...

thanks! my sister will love it! =)

Paula Jimenez said...

magkano po yung planner sa natio di ko po kasi makita ang price online. :)

GLAIZA said...

Hi Paula!

If you're buying the planner from National Bookstore, it costs 495 pesos.