Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nine Months...and Counting

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Yesterday, I reached my ninth month of working for the Australian law firm. I joked to one of my friends that if I were pregnant (which I thankfully am NOT), I would be on full term by now and ready to welcome the delivery from the stork.

But for the past nine months, I had been blessed to receive surprises -- and by that, I mean a lot, not from the stork but from above. If you were to ask me how am I feeling now that I've reached this point, nothing has changed with the way I see it. I may not be earning money in hefty amounts but I am rich when it speaks to career experience and the professional and personal side of relationships. Most of my friends are both happy and envious (in a positive way) when I tell them of both the environment and the people that I work with. And if before, the word stress became widely used in my vocabulary, it has been replaced by challenge.

And just like my previous profession of being a writer, I have loved the adrenalin rush my job has been giving me. While I only get about six to seven hours of sleep a day (and would mean less once I start with my personal sacrifice next weekend), I don't mind coming home bone tired because at the end of the day, I get to lie down in bed complete with a fulfilled feeling and a restful mind knowing that I have accomplished something meaningful.

Nine months met and I am eagerly awaiting for three more for another milestone -- reaching my first year and if God would allow it, I'll hopefully be off to my first overseas business trip.

I know The Force will be on my side.

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