Friday, January 11, 2013

All is Well That Ends Well

Borrowing the lines from Shakespeare and letting these photos describe how this week has been.

Remember this little panda that I mentioned in this post? I sent it out during lunch time. Too bad, the panda was unable to go. The gift itself was somewhat fragile so the guy from LBC suggested that I place the thing in a box instead.

After what has been a week, I got to try the "phenomenon" folks in my office had been getting crazy about -- J.Co Donuts & Coffee has opened its branch three minutes away from my office.

Photo: Google


I reported to work with just four hours of sleep. I found myself exchanging messages with a friend in the early hours of the morning just hours before I officially wake up to get ready for work. But The good part of it was I was still able to finish the workday and get 8.5 hours of sleep that night; it's been a long time since I had it.


I was given this voucher for Zalora from Chuck's Deli while I was just passing by on the way to the mall during lunch. I'm thinking of giving this to someone else because I don't really shop online. The other green stub for a free double drink upsize at Starbuckswas given to me by my officemate, Mommy P's son after learning that I helped her in collecting stickers for her 2013 Starbucks planner. Sometimes, it pays to be helpful -- unexpectedly.

After what has been a busy day at work, I arrived to see this parcel on my bed. This was the prize I won for joining the Rekindle the Joy Christmas promo of Starbucks Philippines -- and I was expecting this gift to arrive in three weeks. So it came as a surprise that this came just a week after they notified me that I won.

It's cute that the week began with a parcel from me and ended with another parcel -- for me.

It's a rainy Friday night and it's good for cuddling in bed with someone or with a pillow. I'm starting to get dizzy now so I'll be hitting the sheets.

Have a great weekend everyone. :-)

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