Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bloopers, Back to Normal and Things in Between

Life's back to normal when...

  • Your body clock has adjusted to your usual waking time;
  • Those work emails start to come in;
  • The documents that need to be processed come gushing like flood water on your computer screen;
  • You get to fill a quarter of your job tracker -- which is a good thing because it means you're productive today.
  • You encounter the same technical problems. Talk about DOWNTIME.

Then, I would find it weird on my part that while I was supposed to write the word JANUARY I would suddenly realize I penned a different word -- and very far from that. Thankfully, I noticed the silly, funny error before I sent it.

That when all the while I seriously knew that I am 100 per cent sure I am SINGLE, I would break into an unbelievable BROUHAHA after being told that most folks in the Land Down Under (in Australia, that is) thought that I am MARRIED -- to another colleague at that. But I had made it clear that I have reasons why I would not want to date nor be in a relationship with someone who is my office mate.

While that story caused me to stare blankly in disbelief for quite sometime, I can't help but think, maybe it's about time that I consider a "status change". After all, there are times I would find myself contemplating about plans of settling down since finally realizing on a Holy Wednesday last year that marriage is my heart's desire too.

Author Neil Gaiman said: Whatever it is that scares you, do it! and yesterday, I finally did something that I never tried before. Yes it's scary but I just wanted to be over it for it has been making me worry since last month. And now I can finally forget it. 

Oh, and one more thing, I came across that 11:11 on my clock today. They say it's somewhat significant, but well... it just looks nice.

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