Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Three Minutes, Please

Happiness starts within. Be real, appreciate what you have, enjoy every moment, spread the love. If everything comes back, consider it as a miracle.” 
-Cherryl Anne Lintag-

Prior to the events this morning, there were two things that I happily recalled from last week:

I know I asked the recipient not to post this on Facebook; but seeing this right on the person's desk reminds me of how busy individuals we both are.

While I was literally swimming in a lot of things to do in the office, I received this text message on Friday afternoon. I had to beg my colleague to give me just three minutes....

To stop....
To breathe...
To stay afloat because I was drowning in laughter
But most importantly, to smile and appreciate things like this. 

After all, receiving this message and reading these words does not happen everyday and it's enough to paint a smile on my face despite a very an extremely busy workday. Nothing beats the feeling of being appreciated (unexpectedly) when you only wanted to impart happiness.

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