Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Life List

Some years ago, after reading Bo Sanchez's article, Write Down Your 100 Dreams on his book You Have the Power to Create Love, I took time to write the items that will be a part of my so-called bucket list.

I did not reach a hundred of those yet. When I first wrote it, I only had 20. Just weeks ago, I came across some of the blogs that I had been reading. Martine of Dainty Mom and Cai of Apples & Dumplings had a long list. While Frances wrote a concise one on her blog. And reading all of them, it made me revisit my own life list and from 20, I now have 60 of them.

I honestly found it a bit difficult to think what are those things that I really wanted. Maybe it is because of the fact that I seem content in accepting each wonderful thing that come my way. I consider my life as half full. But in any case you would like to know what is on my bucket list, here are those:

1. Witness a meteor shower.
2. Visit Barcelona, Spain.
3. Get a stable/ feasible job and keep it. (March 2012- present)
4. Catch a bridal bouquet.
5. Have a portrait.
6. Be on a TV show.  (June 2005)
7. Visit churches that I've never been to in the Philippines.
8. Experience a sincere kiss from a “special someone”.
9. Go on a date with a “special someone” on Valentine’s Day.
10. Write a book.
11. Fall in love, be engaged and get married to the person I am praying to God for.
12. Visit Baguio. (February 2004, April 2004)
13. Go to Disneyland Hong Kong before I reach the age of 30.
14. Return to Baguio and stay there for a week or two either on my own or with someone.
15. Ride a calesa.
16. Fly a kite.
17. Own a digicam. (January 2011 but it resigned after 6 months; replaced it June 2012)
18. Ride a plane.
19. Witness an eclipse.
20. See my name on the newspaper. (Manila East Watch June 2003, Manila Bulletin, February 2004)
21. Travel to Australia.
22. Learn how to drive.
23. Buy and own diamond jewelry.
24. Write for a magazine. (MMLDC Highlights, January 2006- September 2010)
25. Buy a DSLR
26. Obtain a passport.
27. Visit the Ateneo De Manila University campus. (August 2004)
28. Go on an out of the country vacation with my family.
29. Wear a Filipiniana inspired gown with a long train on my wedding day.
30. Participate in breaking a world-record.
31. Own a house with a spare room as a library.
32. Become an editor.
33. Help send a kid to school. (March 2012 through The Children's Hour)
34. Visit the Eiffel Tower in France.
35. Visit the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño in Cebu.
36. Own a pair of Charles and Keith shoes.
37. Invest in the stock market.
38. Blog from a different location.
39. Get a copy and read All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.
40. Learn how to cook. (I started since last year; just needs to do it regularly but I'm there)
41. Be a mom of two kids; a boy and a girl.
42. Go on a trip to Vatican.
43. Get a professional driver’s license.
44. Own an Apple gadget. (December 2012- iPod Shuffle)
45. Be a contestant of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
46. Go on a zip line adventure.
47. Fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. (January 2008 - April 2011)
48. Visit the Great Wall of China.
49. Have a bank account under my own name. (I have two from different banks since 2010)
50. Go to Boracay.
51. Write about a personality and be published.(January 2010 for a senatorial aspirant of Liberal Party)
52. Experience snow/winter Christmas abroad.
53. Try horseback riding.
54. Participate in disaster relief operations. (Several instances from 2010 to 2012)
55. Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Times Square in New York.
56. Get a copy and read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.
57. Win in a photography contest.
58. Cross that 500-meter hanging bridge in Tagaytay again which I did years ago.
59. Buy that huge teddy bear from Bear Cuddler.
60. Go on a road trip on my own either to Laguna, Pagudpud or Vigan in Ilocos Sur.

Some of those are shallow, while some are the serious ones. But hey, that's what the purpose of a bucket list really is -- to let you know what are those things you want to accomplish before your time is up. Bo Sanchez even advised that if you do make one and review them everyday (or in every chance you get), you would have a clear focus on the things you want to fulfill. And I suppose he was right with that because when I try to think of it, I had some of my items in my list done even before the due date that I had given myself.

I believe it's a good exercise -- and a good form of motivation as well. So I recommend you try it yourself too. :-)

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