Sunday, January 27, 2013

Songs on a Sunday

Second day of the long weekend (the first for me for this year) and since I'm a bit lazy to write anything, let me just share the songs currently humming on my playlist.

Your Universe by Rico Blanco

While I am not much a fan of Rivermaya or of Rico back then, I have to make an exception with this one. I just got the ultimate LSS when I first heard of the song when I saw this video. I'd play this song for some feel-good vibe when I am having a busy day. I particularly like the song's chorus. :-)

When God Made You by Hillsong and Natalie Grant

It's a the only Christian song that I have on my list and I keep playing it on my iPod Shuffle every night before I sleep. And I have to admit, whenever I listen this song, I am being reminded of just one person and a lot of "blessed" circumstances that leads me to meditate on the song's last line.

Have a great Sunday weekend everyone. :-)

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