Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Need To Borrow (More) Time

I've never been sick for quite some time and today, I am having a (bad) bout of cough and colds; blame it on the crazy January weather but I suppose it's really the culprit of my current malady.

And because of that, I had to skip work. While I found out that I am no longer used to staying at home on a weekday wearing my jammies when I am supposed to be working, I realized that I'm still human and I can't escape the harsh reality of becoming sick once in a while.

I am itching to go out. But since I am on house arrest, I took liberty of inspecting my bookshelf and realized that I still have books that are left, sadly, UNREAD. Some of those I had purchased a year or two ago but because I was either busy or doing something on a weekend, I totally forgot to flip on a page.

Me thinks, I should have placed this on my bucket list among my to-do's. I guess I won't buy a new book until I finish reading at least one of these.

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