Sunday, February 24, 2013

Three Tricks to Workweek Survival

The week has been a busy one for me. I think the number of clients I dealt with over the phone increased this week compared to the past ones. Add up the cold and rainy weather last Friday. It really made me think "what if I just stay in bed and sleep all day today?" Haha! But I did not give in because I have work to do -- and there are a lot of it.

But! I found refuge on some stuff enough to erase the stress of handling a lot of things to do. Thankfully, though, my work is not over the top stressful and that the remedies I found were in fairness, effective:

Back then, I really don't utilize a planner for a silly reason -- I don't really know what to write in it. But when I think of it now, I finally got the logic. Indeed, having one is such a huge help in managing my schedule. Nowadays, my planner has my to-do list, the leave schedules of our lawyers and staff, which is important especially since I talk to clients on the phone on a daily basis; some words of inspiration, after-work commitments and even the people I got to talk to (friends mostly) on a particular day. Writing down reminders indeed can save someone's sanity and from having those "I got mixed up" moments.

Stress is visible from the outside so why not minimize it by applying some hues on the face. While I started using makeup when I turned 25, I really did not take it seriously (as in on a daily basis). But nowadays, I make it a point to really allot a few minutes to prettify myself when I reach the office in the morning. No, I don't do it at home because I commute to work and given the pollutants I tend to catch on the road, the dust could beat all what I put on. One does not really have to take too long (as if you're prepping up for a wedding) because you can even do it in as fast as five minutes.

But the most effective way to fight stress is by eating. And by eating I don't mean the walang disiplina stress binge-chowing type. I've been guilty of relying to fast food diet of sausage muffin and large vanilla iced coffee for so long to the point that my taste buds just surrendered to it one day -- which I am thankful of. I have been noticing the sandwich shop, Subway right across the office just near Eastwood Excelsior and I've been a fan not just of their products (I discovered I could finish a 6-inch sub sandwich on my own) but of healthy food options as well which is good thing.

To sum it up, my measures are just three basic rules: PLAN, PRETTIFY, FEED. And it does more than just the usual magic.

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Beth Guina said...

Try Quiznos one time. Malapit sa True Value. Halos pareho lang naman ng subway ang presyo. You'll love it, too. :)

Miss you, yaya. :(