Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hand Me Down Love

This weekend, I finally did some cleanup of my bookshelf and found these books. After years of serving me through my research work, assignments and projects, I decided that it's time to let them go them serve a new generation of learners. I am planning to donate them to our municipal library but I don't know the name nor contact number of the librarian. I had posted this on my Facebook wall. But if I don't get a response, I guess I'll personally bring this to the library when I have the time, hopefully next week.

As you had known and seen, I am a sucker for books, especially the interesting ones. But by interesting, it does not have to be a New York Times Bestseller at all. Prior to shelling out money for a book, I had to browse through its content, or, in the case of sealed books like the ones in Fully Booked, I have to read the blurb (the snippet of what it's about found at the back cover) first and if it catches my interest well enough to trigger my inquisitive bug, then it's a steal. Yesterday, while I was running some errands at SM Taytay, I got to drop by Books For Less. It's a second-hand bookshop and saw this book, Words That Matter  on sale. This book was the first one I wrote for Two Cents Worth Wednesday here. I used to see this in Fully Booked too, but it's pricey at PhP795 so I decided not to buy it yet. 

The good thing about a second hand bookstore is they sell books at a price that sells like pancakes. When I found out that they had this book, what I checked first was the price. It was being sold at an amount that was way too much lower that what I thought. The saleslady actually told me that they only have just a copy of the said book and after minutes of contemplating, I decided to get it or else I'd regret it again when I return (they used to have a copy of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne at the same price but it was gone when I got back).

Except for really minor damages, the book still looked good as new and I can't wait to put my fingers on it and flip through each page. I think it's going to be enough to occupy me for a long break that I am looking forward to.

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