Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Reason Behind the Surprises

Dropping a note to squeeze some of my thoughts about how the days had become. Well, it has been a very occupied week and things are turning. Within the span of four days, we've been facing challenges one day after the other. From religiously accepting and screening aspiring newbies because we need another legal secretary in the firm to help us out with the increasing bulk of workload, receiving the news of an unexpected, unannounced resignation and the growing number of tasks to finish.

We were all in a rollercoaster ride. It's that taxing that one of our lawyers had to call in sick for today and for the past days, I would often have episodes of memory impairment and I'd come home bone tired.

But on the other hand, despite these things, there's the bright side of it: seeing a friend attend the mass last Sunday, being among those to get a free breakfast at McDonald's in celebration of National Breakfast Day, seeing the same friend I saw on church again just a day apart and finishing a whole days workload leaving the list of files squeaky clean!

Well, I guess it's God's way of rewarding the hard work and effort to finish each task. Some of those I hoped and got, while some of those were unexpected; and just like what I told a friend, maybe God is laughing at me seeing the disbelief in my face when some things I prayed for (even the ones I don't but just thought of) would happen right in front of me.

Never mind, for tomorrow's Friday and before I know it, it's going to be weekend. For sure I'll make it through. Oh, and not to forget, this:

Trust me, this really works :-)

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