Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's The Day

Today, I would wake up to a happy morning feeling really blessed for this is the day God fulfilled one of my wishes as I mark a milestone.

On this day, I am celebrating my first year with the Australian  law firm.

I know some of you would think this to be shallow, but in my case, this is something to be happy about. A career is comparable to any other relationship; and if I were to look at it, I have been married to my career as a legal assistant for exactly a year today.

More than just legal jargons, familiarizing myself with the whole process and more than a thousand cases dealt with, this year was filled with lessons -- that though simple, to me were meaningful. In the past 365 days, I learned that:

  • While nothing is ever easy, everything are worth giving it a shot.
  • If you are in doubt, it's always okay to ask. I grew up being someone who hates asking questions. Blame it on the fact that I've been dealing with lawyers on a daily basis and they'd been so used to utilizing the Socratic Method, but I realized you won't lose anything if you'd dare to ask in order to understand things. The boss and the other lawyers appreciate it and they won't mind spending  time to answer and explain.
  • Free your life from guilt. One of the best things I observed with the Aussies, (from our lawyers to the clients) is that pleasing them is not necessary. If you commit a mistake, the usual rule applies: ADMIT, APOLOGIZE, MAKE AMENDS and MOVE ON (believe me, they're even the ones who initiate that you move on after a fiasco -- just as long as the damage is repairable).
  • If the boss gives you a task, it just means he's confident that you can do it. If he believes in what you can do, you should put the same regard to yourself.
I'm thankful to God to have reached this far and I keep praying that this will be for the long term. This has been among my earnest prayers ever since and likewise as this is a day I am grateful about, I am thankful to the following people too:

Mom and Dad, I know it came as a surprise to you that I got into this field when all the while I told you I would love to be a writer. Dad, I know you're wondering too what happened because you asked me once if I could become a future speech writer of the President. I have my word when I said I still want to -- in time it will be. 

My best friend Apple for reminding me never ever consider quitting at times when I feel like doing so; that if I have something worth keeping with me, I shouldn't let it go. 

To my other friend, Januver for encouraging me to give things the benefit of the doubt. Who'd have thought that while you told me this "in the context of future relationship", I was able to use it with my career and it worked.

And last but not the least, Boss Andrew and to everyone in the firm for giving me this once in a lifetime chance and for giving it a shot by hiring me despite of the fact that I don't have a law degree in the first place; for believing that I could do more even without it.

Case number 1 has been won. Hopefully, I will be able to move and resolve Case number 2 next but I'm willing to wait. For now, I'll celebrate and eat my cake. :-)

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