Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Figuring Out in the Cold

Today is the first time in two years that I saw myself reporting for work on a holiday. In the midst of relishing the not so ordinary scenario that surrounded the whole office, I had these thoughts:

  • My former office mate James tied the knot over the weekend and browsing on Facebook, looking at their wedding pictures, I just realized, I am undeniably getting old. It is now I know that the things that used to scare the shit out of me for so long (marriage and having kids) were actually part of reality, of which I had thankfully learned to accept.

  • I am no longer used to being at the office on a holiday. I know silence is my favorite ally but going to work on a holiday leaves me with a weird feeling. Being here in my seat while the silence and the cold enveloped me, looking at those empty couches and passing through a quiet, dim-lighted lobby which is normally occupied with busy HR people and young ones hoping to land a job, there's this difference that's indescribable. This is one of the times that I thought excessive silence is unbearable.

But when I think of it, doing this has its perks (aside from the monetary side); the road is not chaotic, commuting to work is a breeze. The power of imagination and concentration is working far better than how it is on a busy day. I simply console myself with the thought that someone out there is on the streets either trying to respond to a the call of duty, mingling with strangers trying to know how he can be of any help.

In the end, thinking of where am I and where he is makes me mumble that doing this is worth a sacrifice -- at least once in a while.

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