Friday, April 5, 2013

From Phones to Another Useful Lesson

As I type this, I just arrived from my "me time" after a day filled with case files. But before this day ends, let me share something that left me and my teammates Karla and Duncan laughing first thing in the morning while dealing with the technical side of the job. This email:

On that note: disregard how my boss spells my name.

We were trying to resolve the issue on our phones but my boss's answer to my second email really left me laughing my heart out. While I was not expecting this "goofy" response from him, I found his reply to be enlightening because it gave me a idea on the usual male behavior particularly about the "art of listening". 

Upon reading this, for a second or two, I tried to picture out how they argue (being both lawyers) as a couple. But on the other hand, this is one of the valuable lessons I got from my boss. At least, when I would have a boyfriend and eventually, a husband, I have an idea on how I could possibly deal with it this early. :-)

A challenging job, a cool boss and today's my 13th month with the firm.Who says my JD is limited to the usual stuff?  Things like these make my job unique and really interesting (and sarcasm is not needed to describe that).


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