Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saved by a Song

My day was spent dealing with tons of tasks that mostly involved accounting and numbers. As luck would have it, a bout of migraine decided to join my busy day bandwagon. No wonder no one can blame me if I would say that I was at the verge of blowing my top off (don't take it literally as it's an idiom) with the fast pace and the pain that I was trying to balance with my schedule.

And just to keep things in equal measure, I had to keep this Jason Mraz song playing in repetition and I am particularly loving these lines:

You let yourself get mad
And in those times when you stop lovin'
That woman I adore
You can relax
Because, babe, I got your back

I don't wish to change you
You've got it under control
You wake up each day different
Another reason for me to keep holdin' on
I'm not attached to any way you're showing up
I'm just gonna love you like the woman I love

For now, I'm off to Dreamland as I am too consumed to think and write. I'll take time to come up with a better missive as soon as time permits me to, hopefully the soonest.

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