Thursday, April 18, 2013

To Trust in God's Providential Timing

God has been good to me in many, countless ways.
He answered prayers when I least expected.
Each and every day, I keep coming back
to give thanks and to pray that
He would allow me
to hold your hands

I was killing some time in the mall post work this afternoon. Today's another workday but I am thankful that the workload was bearable. Despite the scorching heat, the whole day was a breeze.

Just like the usual, I had my moment of silence at the nearby church. Today's another 18th of the month. While other people might be celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, I silently contemplated what it was to me. I realized it has been 52 months that I've been on my own status wise.

Four years and three months that I've been used to being on my own and being used to the questions of people around me. But then, life is good. Yes, I cannot hide the fact that one by one, people I know and those close to me are getting hitched one after the other. I am happy with my current state, especially that things are starting to fall in its places little by little. Lately, the question of "am I ready to welcome change in my (single) life?" kept paying me a visit.

And in those instances, staying in the place pictured above offers me solace. Conversations with God always assured my whole being peace. There was one occasion that on one of those pews, I told God in prayer how much I wanted to see someone go to church. And while I dismissed it, God took my prayer seriously by answering me on the fifth Sunday of Lent. (funny but prior to that, a cab with the name Fifth Sunday kept passing by my office building in the afternoon and I was like, what could be behind the five Sundays?).

I know for sure it would be a waiting game for me as I don't hold God's Plan in my hands. I am thinking of prolonging this period for another year for good measure. For now it's going to be stopping to smell the roses, admiring the view and taking the time to enjoy crowd (and dog) watching.

Someone out there is meant for you. Just wait.    
-How I Met Your Mother-   

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