Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weeknight Flick: It Takes a Man and a Woman

After what has been a long wait, I finally got to watch It Takes A Man and a Woman. At first I was just only after the "feel good" element of the film only to find that there was actually more to the "kilig" factor" of the said flick.

In this third installment of the Miggy Montenegro-Laida Magtalas tandem, they try to coexist as individuals while working together; back in the same company but facing different circumstances-- Laida is now a fiercer, much improved version of herself while Miggy is the  same guy who tries to save the family's business and is now in a relationship with Belle Laurel (played by Isabelle Daza). The movie tackles a more mature perspective of romance (as compared to their two previous movies). When I first saw the trailer, I was already curious especially when the teaser said "a love story we thought would have a happy ending ....ended", my first question was why was that and what is Isabelle Daza's role in the movie. I just knew I had to squeeze it in my schedule to see that film by hook or by crook.

Watching the film, it can't be denied that despite that this the third installment of their love team, John Lloyd and Sarah never fails to elicit giddy (READ: KILIG) reactions from the audience (I swear those are evident as it's audible for you to hear). I'd agree with another blogger when he said wala kang itatapong eksena. The writers of the film are that creative to have injected some scenes reminiscent of the first two movies. 

Isabelle Daza's character is not as strong (or should I say daring) as what I first thought it would. But the way she portrayed her role was just right (making me realize model-type girlfriends in movies need not be given harsh notions). What I also loved about this film are the punchlines of "Zoila and friends" (Matet de Leon, Gio Alvarez and Joross Gamboa). The way the lines were delivered were indeed one for the books. I watched the film twice and it never failed to give me tummy-aching laughter. For sure, you'd love to have office mates like them :-D

And if you think the movie is just about the usual kilig-filled genre, it's nice to note that aside from a mature perspective of love and romance (reality ever after is often better than just happily ever after), it also emphasized on other traits including forgiveness and kindness. I loved how Irma Adlawan reiterated that to forgive someone is a decision. And if you can choose to love, you also have the capability to choose to forgive. Yet, it was Dante Rivero's speech of the latter part of the movie that won me. At one point, I thought of politics because of what he said:

Being the best means being the least. To be good is being able to say sorry and to forgive those who hurt you. To always believe in goodness, dahil sa kagustuhan natin maging pinakamagaling, nakakalimutan natin maging mabuti.

I did not mind watching the movie twice and I even plan to get a copy when this one is released on DVD. They say save the best for last and Star Cinema really proved it to the audience as this one is the best among the three movies. Of course, I will not tell you how the movie ended, but if you haven't seen the movie, do so and don't miss it for the world. It's worth watching and paying for.


Meow Opre said...

This is one of my top favorite of Sarah Geronimo’s movie. I just can’t wait for her latest project with Piolo entitled The Breakup Playlist. Making it more exciting, is the official soundtrack. All the best for OPM songs and also for Philippine movie industry  Paano Ba Ang Magmahal Lyrics and Chords

GLAIZA said...

Thank you for your comment. I will surely watch The Breakup Playlist. I have marked it on my calendar. :-)