Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That One Vote That Was Yours

Yes. It's marked on my Outlook calendar too.

Could mean a lot to the world you live in.

Despite the hard time we are going through, I still decided to continue with my plan of spending the afternoon off last Monday and used it to vote. This is the second time for me to participate in the elections. While most of my colleagues opted to choose the benefit of getting paid twice the minimum salary given that May 13 was a non-working holiday, I on the other hand chose to balance my duties with my job and my duty to the country by lining up in the precinct with the help of my brother (who was the one who went room-to-room to look for my name. Isn't he the sweetest?)

As of this writing, my family still awaits for results as some of my distant relatives were also running for public office. I only found out lately that politics do run in our blood -- particularly at dad's side of the family. On the other hand, the elected officials in my hometown has been officially declared. Yes, there was sadness that enveloped our home, and yes there is dismay and that "how can that be?" period but there was also reason to rejoice even for just a moment.

This stain on my fingernail will stay for almost a month for sure but I don't mind. I made the good choice to go out and vote. And the best thing is knowing that those who I have chosen made it -- and they deserve to.

And more than just an annoying ink stain, that mark signifies one thing -- it meant power and you cannot just ridicule that.

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