Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hypothetical Puzzle

A month has passed since this note was penned on my schedule. It was one the days I have long waited for and while all my thoughts were about going on a temporary hiatus and isolating myself from the noise and stresses of daily life, it was also in the afternoon on very same date I found an unanswered phone call from you.

Yes, it puzzled me for days as to why you had to do that. I tried to probe for a reply but I only got a vague, one-lined response. Then today, while crossing the street, I unexpectedly recalled our conversation and how you advised me against traveling on my own. I had resolved that you deemed that reason due to my physical detriment. But you said "because a woman like you should not be left alone".  To be honest, I found your reason to be genuine.

At that moment, I wished I could say sorry for I could have worried you with such "selfish dare" of leaving. But what you stated was something I never expected to hear. And when I think of it now, and patch the events from a month ago, I realize those were not a hypothetical thing after all. 

Because this morning, without even trying to figure it out, I now get it.

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