Saturday, June 15, 2013

Not All of Them Are Equal

They're just like rain on a summer day.

Exactly a year ago, I remember having this lengthy conversation with a friend who I got reconnected with after years of not seeing each other (okay, technically, I tend to meet him but during the most unexpected times). It was a lengthy exchange that started from talking about another colleague who, at that time, just got married. After a few more jokes of me, hoping to catch the bouquet and him telling me that I'd be the next to get hitched, I just found myself expressing a somewhat negative response about finding The One. 

Fast forward to a year, I was browsing my timeline and came across this old post. These days, while I try to be politically-correct when I talk to this friend, I admit that I failed to realize something then when I wrote that comment. I generalized. It was now that I found out, it could be true that not all guys really aren't equal. Just weeks ago, when I remembered about this post, a little voice (let's call it CONSCIENCE) was telling me this:

"You kept saying good men (and those hubby-material types) are difficult to encounter, if not non-existent these days. But haven't you thought, who are you talking to and what kind of person he could be? Come to think of it."

Yeah, yeah. I get it. It was like a loud whack on my head. I (over) generalized without even thinking that hey,  the person I was exchanging opinions, for one, with IS A GUY TOO. And given that I've known him for long, he has the right to be an isolated example and be spared from those "rotten" ones. Lesson learned: Sometimes, whenever you insist to stand firm on a certain conviction, God still has His way of telling you, "hey kid, I can prove you're wrong".

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