Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stop Running Away, And You Will Be Found

For the longest time,  I've discreetly known this place to be cold, dark and silent. You cannot blame me. After all, this silent piece of ground kept some of the loneliest things in my memory. I've watched the rain and greeted the sun from here every single time but there was never a day that I would be reminded how this place was once a steady witness to the words I failed to say, the tears I never thought I'd shed and the desolation I never imagined I would go through.

I've tried ignoring this place hoping to forget that at one point, it witnessed how someone left me (badly) broken, after realizing that sometimes, some things could not be saved, despite every effort. Yes, it welcomed me home daily but to me, it's just that. Plain as it should.

Just nights ago, in the middle of the night, I found myself sitting here, in the darkness of the late evening.As I took delight in the comfort of silence, it made me realize, for long that was how I described this place to be. It may have taken a long while for me to know, but it was now I became aware of something:

That in the place where I once saw myself broken, shall be the same piece of earth where I will find myself whole again.

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