Monday, July 8, 2013

Behind that Blooming Aura

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A few days ago, as I arrived home from work, I was greeted by an uncommon compliment from one of my neighbors.

“Uy, alam mo, blooming ka lately. Sino’ng reason nyan?”

It caused me to feel both a bit uneasy and frankly, surprised. I find it too common that when people see you with that “blooming look” they always tend follow it with “who” (of all the 4W’s or just the 1H). And before I get fully lost in translation and give an incorrect answer, I was quick to pick up the word to say and simply responded that it was all because of work. But seriously, when I think of it, work is only among them. I actually have a few reasons (or should I say advice) on how I reached this wonderful, unnoticed change:

  1. JOIN A COMPANY THAT YOU WANT TO GROW WITH AND HELP BUILD. I found this advice years ago while I was reading the book Confessions of an Impatient Bride. Being employed in a law firm was something I never imagined I would try in my lifetime. But when the opportunity presented itself, I gave it a try. Just to find out that it was not luck but rather a huge blessing. And it was worth a shot. Bloom where you’re planted, as the Bible puts it and while it’s hard to figure out how to answer the question why, the thing is that God puts you where He wants you to be.
  2. ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIPS. And this does not only limit to the romantic kind. Since that is currently absent in my agenda, I take delight in the company of colleagues and friends inside and outside of the workplace. Doing so enables me to find some sense of belonging compared to just being on my own all the time.
  3. LEARN TO OBSERVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE. If there’s one thing (among other things) that I love about my job, it’s being able to put an equal measure between work, family and myself. In my past jobs, this balancing act is a failed science. I tend to bring home the stress of my career; it left the beneficial aspects to suffer (health, sleep, social life etc.) which is actually a big NO-NO. One of my friends (who happen to be a doctor) once summoned me with a funny but absolutely sound advice:"You only use the bedroom for two things: sleep and sex. Work is not included in the options." My job at present only consumes 9 hours of my day. Since my boss is from a foreign country, I follow their business hours (more of a day schedule just two hours ahead of the PST) so overtime work is not always necessary. I get the evenings free to spend time for (friendly) dates and weekends at home with my family.
  4. HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE YOUR JOB. Work does not always mean doing it solely for profit and money. It’s also about giving back to others. In my case, because the company I work for have corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives every month; I get to openly participate to it whenever time permits.
  5. LAUGHTER (AND MUSIC) IS DEFINITELY THE BEST MEDICINE. Whether you like it or not, sh*t happens. And in our case, it’s good that we’re a goofy bunch of minions at work so we’re able to neutralize the situation when sh*t hits the fan. Or in case I could not leave my desk for a breather, I just pop in and play music and I’m good to go.
  6. START AND END EACH DAY WITH ONE THING – PRAYER. If there’s one habit I see to be meaningful, it would be this. Regardless of someone telling me to do it or not, I do it on my own means and decision. I always see it to spend at least 30 minutes of my day in church not only to pray for guidance as I start the day but to thank God for the outcome of the 9 hours that I performed my duties.
So there. To answer the question, in my case, the blooming aura does not always need to be from "who". For me, it has a lot of sources and not just confined to the concept of that “one particular person”. As there are many factors aside from that mystery guy.

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