Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gratitude in this Crazy, Scary Weather

Photo: Francis Malasig/ EPA/Yahoo Philippines News

It's another rainy day of August. I cannot say that it's the same as last year, because today, the torrential, persistent rains (running for three-four days now) is scarier than before. Manila is submerged in water, a lot of people are unable to go to work, others fleeing to safety against flood waters in their homes.

And I am among those who were unable to go to work, just like how it was last year. And if it was Mama who was sick then, this year's my turn. I did not risk coming to work given the flooding in Angono and since I am sick and entitled of a paid leave, I availed of an emergency leave given the circumstance. I have been unwell since yesterday (but I managed to go to work). However, today, I am staying home, cocktail of medicines ready in case the need arises.

But instead of complaining abut missing work, unable to go out, and the sick feeling, there are things to be thankful for: considerate bosses, kind officemates, food on the table, comfortable, dry clothes, a warm bed and a shelter above my head that serves as a refuge to someone else.

Let us all hope and pray that the situation will improve by tomorrow. 

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