Saturday, August 3, 2013

On My Wall 365 Days Ago

"The things you expect the least are actually the things you need the most."

-Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever-

This was among the photos posted by my friend on my Facebook wall a year ago. Out of a bad hair day moment at work, just when I was looking forward to a "vent out session" with someone else about how frustrating the day was, this picture was later produced.

Within the year, a lot has happened, both happy and sad ones but then there are events that were pretty wonderful to think instead of being ignored. I surpassed one year mark at my job and I am still into it. He on the other hand, was granted another chance to serve the people through a new term of office. 

I finally learned the importance of life balance and forgiveness. I  was also able to finish an act that I committed myself into which started in June this year -- of going to completing 9 Friday masses not for anything but just because I wanted to do so. And it's a funny coincidence that the 9th Friday fell on a first Friday of the month similar to last year.

Who would have thought, while he "caught me at a disadvantage" that day, I would actually realize that this photo would remind me that I am able to rekindle a friendship with someone that I never thought could be possible.

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