Friday, September 27, 2013

Be Well the Soonest

For two weeks, my lower extremity had been aching. And this week, I finally took a break from work to have them checked. And the appointment taught me four things.

At the moment, I am doing some sacrifice, health wise. No soda, no junk food. My coffee intake has been limited to once a day, and that's only during breakfast. When I returned to the office last Wednesday after a one-day leave, I saw my coffee mug and remembered the last time I had coffee on my desk was Monday, and up to now, I never had a cup of joe at work. And while I drink milk before hitting the bed, I opted to have it without sugar. Bananas and root crops and leafy greens are part of the menu because my doctor explained that while she knew the possible cause of these pains (that continue to manifest up to now), she could not just prescribe medications weighing the cons vs the pros of doing so. She advised me to opt for natural sources. 

It took me two weeks before finally giving in to see a doctor because I was taking OTC pain medicines; two lessons which I learned. One was never prolong the symptoms and never self medicate as there are times it really won't work. My mom had an idea of what triggered the week long, persistent pain and the doctor just validated it. Well, that's actually the third lesson: Always believe your parents. They knew it first before you did. Seriously.

I'm off for a routine test tomorrow, just to rule out some stuff. I told my boss about this when I got back to work and I could feel an amount of concern in his voice. I just hope that my sacrifice this week would work and that my arm would not end up bruised black and blue again (pictured above) after what the med-tech did to me in the office about 3 weeks ago. But most importantly, I hope and pray I'll soon be okay and this pain would finally go away. 

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