Sunday, September 22, 2013

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

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One of the things I hope to learn really soon is using Instagram. But since, I don't have an IG capable phone yet, it was a blessing to have discovered some accounts worth following. More than just photos, random inspiring lines are what has been making me engaged in it.

The photo above is among those thoughts that hit me hard. It was simple but profound and powerful. At one point, I was brought back to a particular task almost 10 years ago. In the midst of the news of my schoolmate C's passing, one of my professors engaged us in an activity wherein she asked us to write how we would remember each person in the room.

"When a person dies, people around them tend to remember the good side of being human. That's reflection" That was how my former sociology professor said it. And going back to that activity, I could just now recall what I wrote for about  4 (out of the 30 or 40) colleagues: one who'll be a fashion designer, a female colleague who would be a pastor giving out "kick ass" sermons, another who has the potential to make it to PMA (as she used to be an ROTC officer and akala ko kasi tomboy sya noon) and another classmate who, I wrote, would be a politician's wife.

It was actually fun discovering and hearing how we perceived how each of us could possibly become. Some were serious, some were funny. But no one dared to write the negative about anyone -- not even to me. While no one described me to be someone who'll end up with somebody, they were right on target describing me for the nerdy girl that I am. To the point that someone wrote that I am the human counterpart of Google. I've expected them to pinpoint the negative as that's how I see myself -- the reserved, suplada girl who'd pass the role of a villainess.

It's been years since we did that class activity and things changed -- the same as the people and the descriptions. Classmate 1 now works for an NGO, Classmate 2 became a graphic artist with a witty son (who, I think would be an ass kicker heir to her throne someday), Classmate 3 is not a soldier but is now a mom of one and while Classmate 4 did not end up with the politician, she married a guy who she described as her "perfect match".

And except for age, I don't know how they look at me now. I'd like to think it still is the same. I know that people would possibly talk shit about me when I die. It's inevitable as everyone has their own opinions which they are entitled to. I have always perceived myself to be that suplada girl, and if I do have kindness left in me, I don't want to say it myself. I just leave it in my prayer to let others hopefully see them if they do, and if they think it to be (of me).

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