Friday, September 6, 2013

Indispensable Me

The daily grind. But life's better here!

I have been married to my job for a year, six months and a day as of this writing. 18 months of doing the routine but I never felt like it's been that long. This morning, I received another phone call in the middle of a busy day from the boss. Apparently, he had to remind me over something because if it was not brought to my attention, I would have unknowingly failed a protocol. It was not the "reprimand over the phone" conversation though, but more of a reminder. It's one of the good qualities of my boss. I believe I have been lucky to have been with them for a year and a half now. I guess he does not believe in "humiliating people" as a form of discipline as I have always perceived him as someone "diplomatic" in everything. One of the things that kept me sticking to the job happy and content.

And just when I thought the first conversation was it, I again received a phone call from him to hear these words: 
"You know what that means? That only means that you're indispensable to us now. When we did not have you yet, things were difficult. And whenever you are not around, everyone gets worried. You make things easy for us."
Second to my freelance stint that lasted four and a half years, this has been the longest occupation I have ever held so far. I just had to look for the definition of indispensable right after we put the phone down (crazy, I know!). I never thought that while I normally joke to people about being an all around staff at the firm, they actually saw my role as something vital to them. And hearing those words coming from my boss himself, who would have thought, the feeling of being needed and valued could possibly be felt at the same time -- and never felt wonderful too.

I am one happy minion. Seriously. But for now, I need some sleep. Have a great weekend folks!

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