Saturday, November 9, 2013

Incriminate and Apologize

The past two days, the term "right against self incrimination" has been ringing a bell. In the middle of my duties at work, I took note when one senator explained when should this term be appropriately used. I never knew the term would mean more than just a little lecture of some sorts until tonight. As I was on the phone with another colleague, I came across a string of messages someone sent me during my birthday last Tuesday. Except for the orange tabby with the word sorry, which I saw the morning after my birthday, I missed seeing the first three photos (seriously, I think I really am blind).

Browsing these images back and forth last night and seeing the timestamps in the messages, , I found out that in a way, he didn't forget. 

Quoting Senator Francis Escudero's speech, "When you keep on invoking your right against self incrimination it implies that (you) admit to committing a crime, a wrongdoing." I won't use that line however. I am well aware that I did something wrong towards someone even before I discovered these images and I do feel a certain level of guilt. And while I had apologized, knowing that it was the best thing to do, I couldn't do anything more but move forward and hope that my decision to apologize would suffice and it would turn out to be the good resolve.

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