Monday, January 20, 2014

Camaraderie Out of a Starbucks Planner

In my job, I tend to juggle with different tasks every single day. And I deal with all of those side-by-side my own personal agendas outside work. And given these activities, a planner is a must especially that I tend to be forgetful at times when workload piles up.

I have been familiar with the planners offered by coffee shops for quite some time. Given that I have been a lady whose workplace is a city near these kinds of establishments, I have seen how people literally go too enticed (if not obsessed) to complete stickers in order to get a planner good to be used for a year. But despite of this planner phenomenon, I never dared to join the bandwagon and kept my loyalty with the generic planner in bookstores (well, save for that Paulo Coelho planner I bought last year).

When I got my first sticker for the Starbucks 2014 planner, I simply found it a common thing. I was not really planning to take it seriously because I knew, it's going to be a long shot at best to complete all those 18 stickers (and I'm not out of my mind to spend a couple of thousand bucks for coffee).  But as days went on, I just realized the sticker booklet that started with one sticker had 15 stickers in it.

Sue me now, but I won't deny that I was also secretly desiring a planner even just for once and the feeling aggravated as the deadline for this approached.

Funny but I cannot say my office mates' obsession for a Starbucks planner is a mere craze because at a certain point, the spirit of camaraderie suddenly becomes alive (without having to force someone to do it, ha?) in a crazy way possible; in 2012 I helped my office mate, Mommy P, get her planner by contributing 4 stickers to her booklet (which meant 4 cups of coffee on four different days). This year, the "contribution"system was at it again, from a supervisor donating his booklet (with 9 stickers in it) to office mates contributing a cup of coffee so that someone in need gets entitled to a sticker on his/her booklet.

In the end, I got my "secret desire". Thank you to Mommy P, who, volunteered to contribute two stickers so that I'll hop out of the coffee shop with this planner in my mom's favorite color -- YELLOW. And while some people might even cringe, if not raise eyebrows on what I've written and tell me it's downright frivolous, I'd like to look at the positive thing that it has caused especially to some of us -- that even with craziness for things like this, the spirit of TEAMWORK is alive and working.

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