Sunday, January 26, 2014

Three Decades

Aside from New Year's Day, one of the things I look forward to at the start of the year is Papa and Mama's wedding anniversary. They got married two days after New Year's. But this year, I find it significant as they are have been together for 30 years.

Writing this entry is something that is meaningful for me likewise.Not just because I am writing about my own parents, but because of how privileged I am to have witnessed a lengthy, worthwhile bond that they have. In this era where everything comes instant, where values seem to be set aside and relationships (including courtship, couple hood and marriage) are all but short-lived, being together as husband and wife for 30 years are not just a milestone but a blessing.

And I am indeed blessed to see and be part of it. In those years that they have been together, I was able to pull out words of wisdom:

  1. Saying yes to marriage means saying yes to the whole kit and caboodle. I remember asking Mama five years ago if she does not get tired of doing the same thing for 25 years. She simply told me that she's used to it; for when she said yes to marrying my father, she also wholeheartedly recognized that marriage is a bond that involves dutiful service to each other and serving your partner out of love.
  2. Patching things up overnight is not always necessary. While it is often advised not to go to bed angry, Mama once told me, don't rush to iron out things as some of them needs some time to be fixed and it's not always in your control.
  3. If you cannot say it out, put that in writing. There are things that are better left unsaid. But in instances such as arguments where anger can do more harm than good in stating your point, putting down your point in writing is most often the most efficient resolve.
  4. Know the right way to discipline your children. I'd like to think my parents never believed in capital punishment. While my brother and I used to get scolded (for being mischievous as kids), we never got spanked black and blue. As parents they believe the need to punish out of love, but it does not have to come in aggressive form.

Back in college, one of the signs I was taught of using is the sign #30. And as much as I want to use that in the title of this entry, I opted not to as the #30 symbol implies an ending. Marriage is a blessed union that God has put together, and therefore  no man should separate. On the day of their anniversary itself, I  had no material thing to pray for. Just for God to bless them with more happy, healthy years together.

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