Saturday, February 1, 2014

Investing in Quality Eye Glasses

Besides my wallet, planner and phone, one thing I don't leave the house without is a trusty pair of eyeglasses. I have been dealing with myopia (or in layman's term, nearsightedness) since I was 9 which made me dependent on peepers every day. 

If I were to count, I had changed eyeglasses six times in 20 years. While it is ideal to have lenses changed every year or two years, my optometrist, Dr. Vangie Olmedilla told me in my recent appointment that it's a good thing that my visual acuity has not increased much, contrary to what I first thought. 

I have been using my old glasses for four years and so, a few days before Christmas last year and as a gift to myself, I decided that it was time to get a new pair of glasses. In my line of work, that requires a lot of reading documents and staring in front of the computer 40 hours a week, I should really invest and take good care of my eyes. Like what Dr. Olmedilla said, my visual acuity increased by 0.25 and my astigmatism from 100 is now 150. I only found out that astigmatism occurs as you age. I am now using this cute pair from Old Navy (yes, the shirt brand also has a line for eyeglasses) which I chose after checking five different styles. And just like how Frances of Topaz Horizon mentioned in one of her posts, eyeglasses don't come cheap. Given that I am using prescription Nikon lenses, I had to shell out PHP 6,000 for this pair. And while it made me cringe at first, getting a new eye wear had been the first thing in my priority list when I got my 13th month pay last year. 

This is me wearing the glasses on New Year's Eve :-)
I did not have second thoughts because given that my eyes are the most used part of my body in the kind of work I have, it deserves all the care and investment that I could avail to make sure that my eyesight is all okay. I've been using this for a month now and contrary to thinking it would make me look nerdy, I think scholarly would be the appropriate description.

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