Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Doctor's Visit and Another Answered Prayer

Due to the hectic schedule that I had the past weeks, this one is yet again another late post. I know that in some posts in this blog, I have mentioned being diagnosed with glaucoma and being on treatment for almost five years now. Since the diagnosis in 2009 and religiously taking the medication that the doctor prescribed, I really have not gone to see any doctor for follow ups and monitoring mainly because of again, my schedule with work and setting appointments don't sync with it. 

When I went to see my optometrist late last year, I was advised to have my glaucoma checked. And just like any other person, I had these fears of doing so -- simply because I was afraid to hear that my condition is progressing. But my optometrist had a point as she told me that I rely on my eyes to perform most of my duties at work and so I should invest in taking good care of it.

I decided to look for possible doctors specializing in glaucoma and found American Eye Center. As luck would have it, the clinic is accredited by the HMO provided by my current employer. My first appointment was last February 13 (yes, so it was technically a pre-Vaentine's date as how my officemates say). Setting up the appointment was easy as I only had to register and book a date and time through their website. It also gives you the option to choose your doctor. In my case, it was with Dr. Norman Aquino. I'd say that I made the right choice when I opted for American Eye Center for my consultation. My condition was well-explained to me by my doctor; from what the cause is to how it can be treated. And while he had informed me that what I have is not curable at the moment, it can be managed and controlled delaying the prognosis. During my appointment in February, Dr Aquino had my medication changed and asked me to return a month after for some tests and to see if there had been improvement. And just like any waiting game, I would go through times of fear and worry. But when those would strike, I try to believe on something good and seek the brighter side.

March 13 was exactly a month after the first appointment. I left work early and decided to meet Mama in Shangri-La where their clinic is. After going through routine procedures, Dr Aquino asked if I would like to have the procedures done that day of have it re-scheduled after a month. After verifying that my HMO provider would cover the costs for the tests, I decided to give it a go. Besides having  intra-ocular pressure evaluated, I had to undergo three different tests: HRT, OCT and visual field perimetry. All of the three tests lasted an hour.

It was a lengthy one hour. When the results were being read and interpreted by my doctor, the results showed that they are mostly in normal levels which meant that the treatment is working and that it should be managed and maintained so that the glaucoma won't worsen. While there were no happy tears, I was indeed happy and relieved. A couple of weeks before the March 13 appointment, I only prayed for a "good news" and when the results came out that day, it was good one indeed.

Of course, the appointment did not end without the doctor's advice; the do's and dont's which I even wrote on my planner. The tests repeated after a year to about a year and a half and regular check-ups at least twice a year, and that if something comes up that I can just call up the clinic (which saves me time as I won't need to set an appointment).

For now, it means taking the prescribed medication and loads of prayers. There are three "miracles" I am praying for, two of which concerning my condition and I know for sure, God will work out something about it.

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