Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two Blessed Years

Standing at the edge of the Earth with a wonderful view.

"What on Earth am I here for?"

Even before this line became popularized in Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life, this has been something that I had asked myself. For years, I was trying to find my place under the sun career wise and looking for it was no walk in the park. But likewise things worth having  are worth waiting for.

When I was 23 years old, I was offered a job that would send me to Australia. But it was something I had to let go out of my own reasons. My parents, despite not saying any word were disappointed with my decision.There are times I regret it but then I also thought, it may not be the right time.

Yesterday was my second year in the Australian law firm. I had the chance to talk to my boss on Skype and upon hearing the words "Happy anniversary", he followed it with the expression "how time flies."

I tried to think of it. Time flies fast indeed. But it is a great thing that when I think of it, a couple of thousand case files, court documents, phone calls and appointment schedules, I am still here. I may have missed the chance of flying to Sydney Australia and work there for good, but God made up for what I have missed six years after.

In my two years of being in this job, I had learned a lot of things. Numerous things had been added to my job description and seemingly, I could be called different titles, and yet I don't mind. I'm happy serving not only my boss but other people as well. Two years of observing Australian holidays, learning when to use the terms arvo, donatio mortis causa and knowing what a bloke is. My job has taught me patience and to not sweat the small stuff.

The people I work with are not just colleagues. They are my second family. My boss and his wife, despite just being some years older than I am are like my parents.

What I have now is more than just a career. For it is in the same place where I go everyday, I also found the fulfillment of some of my wishes, of some of my heart's desires. And each passing day, I can't let the day pass without being thankful. To be grateful that God is giving me the feasible life that I have always been praying for.

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