Saturday, April 26, 2014

Unplanned Reunion on a Long Weekend

Since I started working for a foreign business, my schedule had been aligned with that of the client country-- including holidays. It's a win-win situation still because while I get the perk of being paid with premiums working on Philippine holidays, the number of holidays between the two countries aren't much different. And besides being sick, there are just four holidays that I consider absence from work as a must: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday.

Yesterday was Anzac Day which is among the recognized public holidays in Australia. And since it meant another long weekend (I only reported to work three days this week given that Australians also observed Easter Monday last April 21), I had the liberty of time to either do anything or go somewhere else. Realizing that the mall is kind of overrated and knowing that going there will possibly burn my pocket, I opted visiting my alma mater again. 

Despite of the fact that the university is currently being evaluated for accreditation, it's a good thing that the schedule was not nerve wracking the day I went to visit. Coincidentally, I was told by my former professor, Ma'am Cez Villegas that Joemar Aquino, a former colleague was also going to drop by so I decided to stay instead. Joemar and I used to be colleagues in the school publication back in college and save for Facebook, I really have not seen him for a while. 

Likewise, just like in the past, this impromptu reunion was held over dinner (filled with the usual time-killing conversation) and two rounds of the game of chess at Bean Addicted because Joemar and Ma'am Cez's husband, Jonathan were former chess players. As luck would have it, our municipal mayor, Mayor Gerry Calderon was also in the same place brainstorming over dinner with his staff. While I don't know what have gotten into Joemar asking a photo op with the town's highest official, this one became a lifesaving evidence for me -- as this prevented me from being questioned and eventually scolded by my parents after coming home way past the schedule.

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