Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wattpad Wonders: Sir You're Hot by Lee Miyaki

I have not posted about reading any new book I have read for months. Given that my schedule at work has made me occupied, I had to put reading aside for the time being. But during my recent visit to National Bookstore's recently-renovated branch in Cyber Fashion Mall, this one caught my attention:

Scanning through the cover and blurb at the back, it mentioned that this book, Sir You're Hot by Lee Miyaki was one brainchild of the website Wattpad. I did not immediately buy the book upon seeing it and instead, browsed through some chapters found on the website. And it only took me two chapters to make my decision of getting myself a copy.

Just a short overview, the book tells the story of a kick-ass student Rebecca Canlas and a campus heartthrob in the person of a professor named Railey Medrana. In its blurb, the book promises a story that contains a riot of some sorts (and by riot, it does not mean violent) but more of a funny, nakakakilig one. And while student-teacher relationships are actually forbidden in real life, the author did not forget of putting the whole story in a wholesome perspective while giving its readers that giddy feeling.

The book brought me back to my college years -- complete with the scenarios of thesis days, gay college friends and yes even the terror and crush worthy teachers. The female character Rebecca reminds me of my best friend and myself (attitude-wise). And while anyone who could read this would even tell me I am somewhat old to get giddy over a Wattpad novel, I won't mind feeling so even for once. The book was a feel good one and a light read. Something to pick-me-up especially these days that schedules are so unnerving.

The last time I visited Wattpad, the author is working on the second book, and seeing the prologue, there's a possibility that I'll be including it in my reading list too once it's out in bookstores. 


imtheweirdapple said...

Hi Glaiza. I'm so speechless after reading your review. Super thank you.

GLAIZA said...

You're welcome Lee. It surprised me seeing that you posted the blog link on your FB page and you're comment here. Thank you for dropping by. :-)