Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fun with 3D Puzzles

Between my brother JR and I, I would say that it is he who has patience as long as EDSA when it comes to some stuff including  toys that has to deal with problem solving. But a couple of months or so, I came across 3D puzzles of famous landmarks from Cubic Fun during my usual visit to the bookstore. I got intrigued and fascinated by it so after weeks of eyeing on it, I bought one and tried assembling one myself.

My first project was the Eiffel Tower. The kit which contained 20 pieces takes 50-60 minutes to complete. In my case, the Eiffel Tower took 45 minutes.

I purchase the puzzles at Toy Kingdom and I am working on the S-Series. Depending on the landmark you want to assemble, each kit contains less than 70 pieces of parts made of styrofoam and cardboard.

Easy to assemble pieces with instruction. No need for glue or scissors.

And while the product is made in China, it's good to see that they have some safety precautions like this on their product too.

Paris, New York, London

Finishing one is interesting and well, addictive so from an Eiffel Tower, I now have Big Ben and this morning, I finished the Empire State Building. While my reason for trying out assembling a 3D puzzle was just to test my patience (if I'll be able to finish one) I ended up adding and constructing more. My ultimate 3D puzzle project? St. Peter's Basilica and Neuschwanstein Castle.

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