Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hitting the Big 3-0

No one's too old for a party -- not even at 30!
God's plan for my life is simple. He will take all my choices, mistakes and failures, and turn them into something good.
I turned another year older two weeks ago so this is a long overdue post. For years, I have lived my life always looking at things "in the future tense". While an is event unfolding in the present, I always have one question to constantly ask and think of: What will happen tomorrow?

Years ago, when I was just 18, I remember a time when I asked myself, "will I still be alive enough to reach the age of 30?" When my birthday came, I recalled that question only to find an answer -- I am still here. And I am here now. It felt like I succeeded defying some odds. In my 20's my life was filled with worry and anxiety, from health, career to relationships. I have a lot of those "paano na" momemnts in my youth. But the night before the big day, I tried digging stuff from inner memory and found out a lot of wonderful things among of which are:
  1. I was blessed a stable job for two and a half years and counting -- with a kind boss and wonderful colleagues to boot.
  2. I am able to cross out items in my bucket list one after the other.
  3. I am still able to see quite clearly (with the help of my trusty glasses of course). Contrary to my fear that I could be blind by the time I am 30 years old.
  4. I have a complete family and my parents are still here to celebrate such a milestone with me.
  5. That God allowed me to be a productive being despite having to battle health issues once in a while.
It may only be a few, but those are worthy discoveries. As I turn 30, when I try to look at how things has happened in my life, what I have now were more than what I wanted and prayed for. God indeed knows how to write a straight line from a broken one for He compensated me for the things I previously lost. As much as I'd like to use #30 on my photos or Facebook status posts, I'd rather not. For it signifies the end (those in the written profession, journalists and editors specifically would know).

But in reality, this is only the beginning of wonderful days that are ahead.

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