Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Spark of Hope in a Song

Weddings have become a staple occasion in our household. Not because I've got family members getting hitched but primarily because of my brother's occupation as a freelance video editor. Right next to our house is his studio where he spends his time mostly editing weddings shot for clients and partners. Most of them are with established names in the industry. 

Just last week, the highlights of this much talked about wedding of Heart Evangelista to Senator Chiz Escudero made buzz in the news and why wouldn't it? As for me, I found myself around Wednesday night at the comfort of my bedroom with my one-year old niece watching the highlights of their wedding as captured by the lens of wedding cinematographer, Bob Nicolas and his team.

Video from Bob Nicolas Wedding Films

The event exudes mostly elegance not to mention the heartwarming (and partly funny) part of wedding vows. But what got me hooked (apart from getting teary eyed with the vows) was the music that they've used in the wedding video. I was caught in awe with how Johnoy Danao crooned his song Buntung-Hininga. Just listening to the lyrics were more than enough to get me hooked I was literally bitten by the Last Song Syndrome for days.

Sa dinami-daming tao sa mundo
May nag-iisang para sa’yo
Kanyang pupunan ang ‘yong pagkukulang
S’ya ang sasalo anumang ibato ng mundo

Ang’yong pag-alala, kanyang mapapakalma

Ang dating ayaw mo, ika’y magkakagusto
Ang isa’y dalawa, kayong dalwa’y iisa
Saan ka man magpunta, hindi ka na mag-iisa

Kaya pagal na puso, ‘wag na ‘wag susuko

May hihilom, sa mga sugat mo

Sa iyong mga patawa, ay ‘di ka na papalya

Siya ang tanging bangka, ‘pag baha nang ‘yong luha
At ‘pag naliligaw na, kamay nya ang ‘yong mapa
S’ya ang antipara, pag malabo na ang ‘yong mata

Kaya saradong puso, buksan muli ang iyong pinto

May kakatok
Balang araw

Sa dinami-daming tao sa mundo,

Aba’y akalain mong tayo ay magtatagpo

Nagkatugmahang puso, sa wakas simula na ‘to

Buntong hininga
Buntong hininga
Mag buntong hininga kaya muna tayo.

I was that enticed I included this on my playlist (and am playing the song as I type this entry tonight). Johnoy Danao showed brilliance in playing with words and I was, not just humming the song in my head, but appreciating its lyrics. He has placed a nice message about hope in this song. And just like what I've said in a previous Facebook post, he knew how to ignite a flicker hope in a big yet positive way.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just a Few Updates

I am writing this entry right from my bedroom nursing another bout of allergic rhinitis that has been bothering me since Friday. I'd like to think that the change of weather combined with pollution and a few stressful days earlier during the week to be the culprits of this malady. I am already eyeing the possibility of having this health issue attended by a a specialist by the coming weekend. I have been going through occasional bouts for years but that were bearable compared to what I've been having lately, which tends to bother me even at work.

Anyway, since I chose to stay home today (just to stay safe, so I won't hopefully have to call in sick tomorrow), I decided to have a quick update as I rarely get the chance to catch up with my writing.

I finally have a copy of James Patterson's novel First Love that was given to me by a friend as a Valentine's gift. While I'm not much of a fan, I got enticed after reading one of his books, Sundays at Tiffany's in 2011. I've previously seen the large print format of this book and I found it quite expensive so I postponed buying it. But thanks to a friend for spoiling me, my craving for this literary pleasure's solved. And the gift came with a box of Kleenex, just in case reading would cause me to become all too weepy. 

Another thing is this ongoing project. It was last year when I came across the idea of keeping a memory jar. It's an interesting endeavor which I tried last year but got unsuccessful given the turn of events (read: getting both all to busy and exhausted that I just want to sleep when I get home). This year, I tried a hand at it again and luckily, I am able to religiously update it.

It's a good thing to find out that if there's one thing that this little project taught me, it's learning to see the good in everything; that despite of what has happened the whole day, it's a challenge to look for something worthy to be thankful for. It's good though that not all days are the same. If a day has been exhausting, you get to look for something worth thankful. And if a day contains a lot of good things, I get to pick one that's the best, write it and keep it in the jar.

I hope to maintain the habit though. At times it scares me to think, I had gone past two months with it and there are 10 months remaining. But something to be grateful has to be present every single day and that would be more than enough to keep me going. :-)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day Single Style

It's a day after Valentine's. How was the aftermath for you? Mine'sjust plain simple and will be told in this (hopefully) short post.

While I spent most of my mornings at home, I had  blocked the afternoon for personal agendas including the 2:45 pm showing of Fifty Shades of Grey at Robinsons Place Metro East -- alone. Okay, just for the record (and I'll be on the defensive side this time), I decided to watch the film to find out if Sam Taylor-Johnson gave justice to EL James's novel. And save for some parts, most of the content of the book was followed in the film. I watched alone and most of the audience were well, couples. So kapag maraming ipapanganak na baby sa November 2015, alam na kung bakit.

Just a reminder though to those planning to watch, cinemas are seriously implementing their policies as the movie is rated R18. In my case I came there with my office ID just in case I would be asked, which was actually the first query before I got my tickets so I offer the same advice. Keeping your ID handy won't hurt.

After the movie and a short trip to the mall, off I went to SM Taytay to meet up with a friend, Lee Miyaki. She's the brain behind the Wattpad novel Sir, You're Hot which was first Wattpad story turned book that I have read last year. We spent three hours chatting about her book, the inspiration behind it, as well as its sequel. Not to mention answering a lot of questions she had for me -- over our Java chip and strawberries and cream.

Of course,  because I am a big fan of books, I did not let the opportunity pass to have the copy of my book signed by her. She was kind of shy but still, she did not just sign it, she scribbled on the page.

In the end, I may not be among those who celebrated a couples holiday in a cheesy way with flowers and teddy bears but I still had a blast celebrating Valentine's Day this year.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Meaningful Gift of Self

Today is the last day of my  week-long vacation leave. I know it's been a long time since I wrote anything and this post was inspired of an endeavor I vouched on some months ago and after visiting the page of Matrix Professional Philippines. Indeed this is a long overdue post.

It was in October last year when I just had this sudden urge of wanting to bring my short hair back. I've been sporting a long hairstyle for quite some time and was really decided for a change but my office mate, JR told me to put the activity on hold and showed me the article about the 8" Cut for Cancer Challenge of Matrix Professional Philippines.

The stylist wasn't done yet when they took this photo.

The said activity was a win-win situation to those who dared to participate, because you get to help a cancer-stricken child gain his/her self esteem while you get to have your haircut for free courtesy of volunteer hairstylists from the different Davids Salon branches. I have always wanted to join such activities that encouraged donation, but I don't deem myself to be fit to be a donor given that I am taking medications often. It surely hampered me from doing so. But this one proved that there still is a way for me to do it. My hair was indeed a sort of life saving asset and helped me accomplish one of the things I really wanted to do. At the end of the event, it was announced that there were 400 people who donated on-site and I am more than happy to be part of it.

My hair had started growing longer again given that it has been four months since this event happened. And participating in this activity was one of the best things I have embarked myself to prior to reaching 30 and I am indeed a very happy adult with what I did.