Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrating Valentine's Day Single Style

It's a day after Valentine's. How was the aftermath for you? Mine'sjust plain simple and will be told in this (hopefully) short post.

While I spent most of my mornings at home, I had  blocked the afternoon for personal agendas including the 2:45 pm showing of Fifty Shades of Grey at Robinsons Place Metro East -- alone. Okay, just for the record (and I'll be on the defensive side this time), I decided to watch the film to find out if Sam Taylor-Johnson gave justice to EL James's novel. And save for some parts, most of the content of the book was followed in the film. I watched alone and most of the audience were well, couples. So kapag maraming ipapanganak na baby sa November 2015, alam na kung bakit.

Just a reminder though to those planning to watch, cinemas are seriously implementing their policies as the movie is rated R18. In my case I came there with my office ID just in case I would be asked, which was actually the first query before I got my tickets so I offer the same advice. Keeping your ID handy won't hurt.

After the movie and a short trip to the mall, off I went to SM Taytay to meet up with a friend, Lee Miyaki. She's the brain behind the Wattpad novel Sir, You're Hot which was first Wattpad story turned book that I have read last year. We spent three hours chatting about her book, the inspiration behind it, as well as its sequel. Not to mention answering a lot of questions she had for me -- over our Java chip and strawberries and cream.

Of course,  because I am a big fan of books, I did not let the opportunity pass to have the copy of my book signed by her. She was kind of shy but still, she did not just sign it, she scribbled on the page.

In the end, I may not be among those who celebrated a couples holiday in a cheesy way with flowers and teddy bears but I still had a blast celebrating Valentine's Day this year.

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