Sunday, February 22, 2015

Just a Few Updates

I am writing this entry right from my bedroom nursing another bout of allergic rhinitis that has been bothering me since Friday. I'd like to think that the change of weather combined with pollution and a few stressful days earlier during the week to be the culprits of this malady. I am already eyeing the possibility of having this health issue attended by a a specialist by the coming weekend. I have been going through occasional bouts for years but that were bearable compared to what I've been having lately, which tends to bother me even at work.

Anyway, since I chose to stay home today (just to stay safe, so I won't hopefully have to call in sick tomorrow), I decided to have a quick update as I rarely get the chance to catch up with my writing.

I finally have a copy of James Patterson's novel First Love that was given to me by a friend as a Valentine's gift. While I'm not much of a fan, I got enticed after reading one of his books, Sundays at Tiffany's in 2011. I've previously seen the large print format of this book and I found it quite expensive so I postponed buying it. But thanks to a friend for spoiling me, my craving for this literary pleasure's solved. And the gift came with a box of Kleenex, just in case reading would cause me to become all too weepy. 

Another thing is this ongoing project. It was last year when I came across the idea of keeping a memory jar. It's an interesting endeavor which I tried last year but got unsuccessful given the turn of events (read: getting both all to busy and exhausted that I just want to sleep when I get home). This year, I tried a hand at it again and luckily, I am able to religiously update it.

It's a good thing to find out that if there's one thing that this little project taught me, it's learning to see the good in everything; that despite of what has happened the whole day, it's a challenge to look for something worthy to be thankful for. It's good though that not all days are the same. If a day has been exhausting, you get to look for something worth thankful. And if a day contains a lot of good things, I get to pick one that's the best, write it and keep it in the jar.

I hope to maintain the habit though. At times it scares me to think, I had gone past two months with it and there are 10 months remaining. But something to be grateful has to be present every single day and that would be more than enough to keep me going. :-)

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